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 VBA to VBasic6.0

You're right in respect of the Excel object, that the VB will be essentially
the same as the VBA, with the code functioning as methods of your Excel
object reference.

With MyExcelObject

end with

But there are major differences if you are used to VBA UserForms. In
general, VB's form handling is much more sophisticated, but some of the
controls seem more primitive.

> Hi,

> You can call the Excel object model from VB (Excel has to be installed on
> the target machine).  To do this you add a Project Reference to Microsoft
> Excel (via the Project Menu).  You may then do anything from VB that you
> could have done from VBA.  The syntax may vary slightly, but not require
> changes that should take more than a few minutes, I'd think.

Tue, 21 Sep 2004 08:57:10 GMT  
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