DataReport and rptTextBox values 
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 DataReport and rptTextBox values


I am working with the DataReport object in VB6 and have
fields on the report that are dynamically bound to varying
fields (the SQL is dynamically generated based on user
selections for the report content). The report has been
working fine up to now, but has started exhibiting some
strange behaviour, seemingly caused by a user entering an
extraordinarily long comment!

One of the fields (comment field) is bound to a Memo field
in Access (upto 64K of characters) .... the value is
retrieved fine and displayed correctly in my application
form that use standard textboxes for display. However, the
report only displays correctly if the Memo field contains
255 characters or less. If the source field contains more
than this then the first 255 are displayed correctly, and
then random garbage (seems to be parts of messages
previously displayed etc) is appended to the end.

Is this a known bug with the rptTextbox of the DataReport
(which is supposed to be a DataReport equivalent of the
standard TextBox) ?? Is there any way around this - other
than limiting the memo field to 255 characters, which the
users confirm is too small.

Sun, 05 Sep 2004 23:18:34 GMT  
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