Data Environment help desperately needed please 
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 Data Environment help desperately needed please

Help please
I have 'inherited' a VB6 program that uses ODBC and RDO to access a
SQL Server 6.5 database, running on NT4 SP5 Workstation for the
client, and NT4 Server for the server.
The program also uses a data environment with several connection
objects, into each of which are inserted stored procedures in the
If I change a stored procedure, I have to delete the sp from the data
environment and reinsert it into the corresponding connection (this I
was told by the original developer).  If I then try to run the program
from within the VB IDE (saving the Data Environment),  VB crashes out
with no warning or error messages.  I then reload the program and run
it, and when I execute the part of the program which calls the
reinserted stored procedure the resulting RDO resultset bears little
relationship to what would be expected.
I thought at first it was code that I had added to the sp, so I
commented out the code, saved the sp into the database and ran it from
ISQL within Enterprise Manager.  The results were fine.  I then
uncommented each part of my added code, saved the sp into the database
and reran it within ISQL.  Again it ran fine, with the expected
At this stage I deleted and reinserted the sp into the data
environment, ran the program (saving the Data Environment) and VB
crashed.  I reloaded VB and the program and ran it again.  The output
from the sp was again corrupted.  I then reran the sp in ISQL within
the Enterprise Manager and again the output was corrupt.
Can anyone tell me what is going on ?  It would appear somehow that
the Data Environment is corrupting the sp in the database.  Is this
possible ?
If I may ask another question, when the program is being developed the
data environment points at a development database.  When the program
is delivered to the customer, this development database is not there,
so where does the program get its stored procedures from ?  Is it from
the database pointed to by the ODBC set up, or is the data environment
part of the program executable in some way and carries forward the sps
from the development database ?   As you may guess, this is my first
contact with the data environment.
Any help/advice will be gratefully received.

Thu, 09 Oct 2003 17:03:08 GMT  
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