VB6 Toolbar Problem 
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 VB6 Toolbar Problem

At my current client I have a real problem.

We've had a couple of users open up their applications and find that extra
buttons have been added to their toolbar, I looked up help on google.com and
found a couple of others experiencing the same problem.

The problem seems to be caused by the ocx file "mscomctl.ocx", found in the
system32 directory, if you open this file with notepad, the text "hackalert"
can be found right next to "msvb_lib_toolbar", that text is also found on
the ocx file on my notebook and I've only recently installed everything and
have not used it here yet.

I've searched google and Microsoft's KB and found no real explanation.

What I need to know is:

a) Could this ocx be the cause of extra buttons being added to the toolbar
used in the applications.

b) Is this a known issue with Microsoft.

c) Any fixes?

The version of the file "mscomctl.ocx", is "6.00.8862"




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Wed, 19 Nov 2003 12:48:32 GMT  
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