VB doesn't recocognise > (redirection) on command line 
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 VB doesn't recocognise > (redirection) on command line

I've tried to shell out to a program that runs in a dos box which produces
some text.  I wanted to capture the text into a file then parse  the file.
the code looks something like

cmdStr = "dig.exe ns co.uk > " & filenameStr
cmdOK = ExecCmd(cmdStr)

ExecCmd is a procedure that uses createprocess and waitforsingleobject
winapi functions to shell out.

The problem was the redirection was always ignored and output was still
displayed in the dos box.

dig.exe doesn't have any command line switches to redirect to a file.  had
to resort to creating a .bat with the cmdStr in it and used the batch file
name in the ExecCmd() procedure to run it.  seems a bit long winded.

rob mew

Tue, 06 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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