VB6.EXE startup gives application error 
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 VB6.EXE startup gives application error

I have had this problem occur about once every month or two; when running an
application (usually in Debug mode) OR when losing focus from VB6 to some other
application when loading a project that has a data environment object, I will get
an error (the type varies, but is usually a memory reference error).  At this
point, my right mouse button will no longer work in VB6 (it works fine in other
applications), and other odd effects occur:  today's effect was that when I click
the "play" button in Debug mode, the project starts, but it doesn't disable
the "play" button or enable the "pause" and "stop" buttons.  Clicking "play"
again locks up the project.

If I then close VB, when I try to restart it, I get the error

The instruction at "0x0047d652" referenced memory at "0x0000000c".  The memory
could not be "read".

(the instruction address may not be the same each time; I don't remember) and
then VB exits.  I must reinstall VB in order to get it to work!

Any ideas?


Tue, 02 Dec 2003 00:07:33 GMT  
 VB6.EXE startup gives application error
Are you experiencing the same problem when logged on as Administrator?
Consider creating a new user with administrative priveleges and see if that


Tue, 02 Dec 2003 13:07:17 GMT  
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