VB5 SP3 invalid page fault kernel32.dll at 0137:bff798fb 
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 VB5 SP3 invalid page fault kernel32.dll at 0137:bff798fb

I have a program that crashes about 3 times a day or more.  Will run for a
few hours and then crash.  It periodically imports data from small Access
databases into a larger one.

Same program when run from my workstation in IDE ran just fine through
several iterations of the import, export, cross-reference, etc.  Program
ran flawlessly.  Exited the program.  No problem.  Went to exit VB5 and got
the message:
VB5 caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0137:bff798fb

Does anyone know what this means?  I'm hoping this may give me a clue as to
what is really happening with the "compiled" executable.

By the way does everybody here know that VB5 has a hidden C/C++ source code
generator in it?  If you don't believe me try to compile and link a
complicated / large VB5 program with VB5 (no service packs)  When it
crashes half-way through the compile/link process you can go look at the
generated source code!!!  (which gets handed off to a mini-C/C++
compiler!!!)   I have found no documentation of this "design feature" by
Mickeysoft.  I think they may be embarassed by the fact the "visual" part
of their "Visual C++" is missing.  People might be annoyed if they knew
that Mickeysoft would rather waste time with a "source code generator" to
turn VB programs into C++ than make their "Visual" C++ more visual (like

I don't have the time to deal with Mickeysoft's tech support because I have
an open WINS name resolution problem with them that they've been dealing
with for more 1 1/2 months.  Even though given a precise definition of
exactly what conditions it can be duplicated under they have not attempted
to do so yet and have not yet confirmed it as a bug.  Even if / when they
do submit a "bug report" for you and turn it over to "development" they may
never contact you regarding the status of the "bug report."

These flacky products from Mickeysoft have us in the process of converting
all our existing code from VB5 to C++ Builder.  Now if we could only
replace the flacky Mickeysoft operating systems....

Esko Woudenberg
My opininions are my own and do not speak for my employer(s)

Mon, 26 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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