VB 5 (and perhaps others) always want 1 tab in a tabstrip 
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 VB 5 (and perhaps others) always want 1 tab in a tabstrip

I have a tabstrip control that I populate with tabs when my form loads. The
problem is that although I can use the property pages for the tabstrip to
remove all tabs, when I close and then reopen my project, VB always puts one
tab on the strip, and I have to manually remove the tab before compiling to
avoid errors.

I realize a tabstrip is useless without tabs, but if VB is always going to
assume that I want at least one tab, it shouldn't let me remove the last tab
to begin with!

(I know I could just leave one tab in the strip and load the rest
dynamically, but now it's gotten to be a matter of principle....)

Sat, 07 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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