8447-Microsoft ADO/RDS Error 
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 8447-Microsoft ADO/RDS Error


    I recently developed an NT service which goes out onto other web servers
collecting data from a database an updates my database on my server. For
some reason I always have this error :

[Internet Server Error.:8447-Microsoft ADO/RDS] SQL = SELECT CodeSrie AS
codeSerie, TitreSrie AS titreSerie, DescSrie AS descSerie, Actif FROM
tSries WHERE Actif = True;:8447-Microsoft ADO/RDS]

I have checked if my RDS was installed properly and it was. I even
re-installed it to make sure it wasn't a problem of version. I have tried
several other thing which touches the security of different files but still
no changes.

Does any on have any idea of what might be the problem? For your information
I am runnig this service on a Windows NT server with IIS 4.0 service pack 5.

Thank you

Yan Trudeau


Fri, 30 Jan 2004 22:16:14 GMT  
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