Extremely slow on Win 2000 - db access 
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 Extremely slow on Win 2000 - db access

Hi all,
've encountred extreme overall performance drop of my db app on some W2000 and W
Millenim systems compared to the performance on all tested W98 systems. MDAC 2.6
and latest Jet 4.0 SP3 are installed on all the compugters. I am accessing MS
Access 2000 db from VB 6.0 SP5. Executing queries and even accessing the
recordset in the memory (scrolling in the bound table or sorting) seems to be
about hundred times slower.
I tried to manually compare the installed files - the only difference I found are
a) a newer version of asyfilt.dll(ole 2.40) on W2000 system and b) mxtdm.dll
(Microsoft Transaction Server) is not present, although there is another dll
apparently substituting it.

All help will be very much appriciated as the app is primarily aimed at PCs with
w2000 OS

Mon, 27 Oct 2003 04:20:29 GMT  
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