Microsoft Windows Common Control problem 
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 Microsoft Windows Common Control problem

I'm having a problem using the Microsoft Windows Common
Controls 6.0 (SP4).  After I add this component and try to
use the StatusBar control on any of my VB forms, my VB
starts to freeze for up to 3 mins.   I thought my VB or
Visual Studio 6 was corrupted so I did a "clean" uninstall
of all Visual Studio 6 components and Re-installed Visual
Studio, and this problem still persisted.  This freezing
of VB only seems to be isolated to the StatusBar Control
and not by any of the other controls eg. TreeView,
ImageList, ListView etc...  I thought my \System32
\MSComCtl.ocx file may be corrputed, so I also
unregistered it and registered it again with a current
version.  This also didn't work.   I can not figure out
how only this control is corrupted.  Have you seen this
before and what suggestions do you have?


Tue, 21 Sep 2004 22:39:52 GMT  
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