Bug? webclass missing withevents handler never gets start event 
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 Bug? webclass missing withevents handler never gets start event

I think I've found a bug with WebClasses - if you Dim <something>
WithEvents, and then never declare any event handlers for <something>,
the WebClass_Initialize event fires, but the WebClass_Start never
happens. You end up with a very blank screen in Internet Explorer. No
errors appear while debugging under VB or while executing the DLL, and
nothing appears in the Windows 2000 event viewer.

This example uses the InternetExplorer control, but I think any
control will do:

Option Explicit
Option Compare Text

Dim WithEvents IE As InternetExplorer

Private Sub WebClass_Start()
response.write "This never gets executed."
End Sub

This caused me a great deal of heartache until I found the obsolete
Dim WithEvents in my WebClass.

Does anyone care enough to verify this? If I'm right, and this is
indeed a bug, is there a way to submit it to Microsoft without paying
for a support incident?

- Neal Manson
  Parhelion Technologies, Inc.

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Mon, 18 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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