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 Call VB DLL from ASP


I am developing a web application. From my asp page, I
need to call a dll written in VB.  After I make changes in
the DLL, I need to compile it.  I got the Permission
Denied error message. I know I have to setup something in
VB or asp to avoid this. I fogot how to do it.

Thanks for your help!

Mei Qin

Mon, 01 Nov 2004 04:55:41 GMT  
 Call VB DLL from ASP
How easy this is depends on whether you're using WinNT or Win2000.  For
WinNT, the solution is to stop and restart all of the IIS services.
Personally, I've always found it easier to reboot, but I believe that
there are some 'net stop' commands that will work.

For Win2000, you again need to restart IIS, but the process is easier.
From the Internet Services Manager, right click on the server name and
select Restart IIS.

If you're on a development machine and you find yourself needing to
restart too many times, you might want to look into using MTS.  If you
set up an MTS package and put your DLL into it, you can simply stop the
package and recompile your DLL.  No permission denied message.  

Hope this helps.

Bruce Johnson
TAG Consulting

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Mon, 01 Nov 2004 13:27:18 GMT  
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