Gathering Image information (bar codes) 
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 Gathering Image information (bar codes)

I've only been working with vb for a short time...  Is it possible to gather
specific information from a scanned document?  That is i scan an image.
Then i locate a bar code located on the image.  Using vb, can i program a
way to identify the bar code and than eventually save, print,
whatever with the image.

For instance, if i had a survey with your average "ovals" or circled numbers
that individuals complete and i scan this page.  I want vb to 1) locate the
bar code.  2) identify which survey it is  3) evaluate the "ovals" 4) pass
data to excel, or a database.

Is this possible?  Thanks for any input

Brian Zimmerman

Sun, 03 Oct 2004 15:29:19 GMT  
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