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 video streaming - getting started

I am looking to put a promotional video on my web site.
I already have the video in digital format but I am completely new to puting
the video on to my website.

The issues I am interested in are:
a) How do I compress the video and  what format should I use -.mpeg, .avi
etc ? -  what are the differences between them and whichcan be seen by most
b) How do I actually put the vidoe on my web site ? Do I just place in a
folder and put a link to it from my web page? , do I need to use  the object
or embed tags to embed the video in a page ?
c) If I want to stream the video, how can I do this ? what are the best
software packages to use.
d) What type of performance hit will having the video on my server have, ie
if  100 people try to view/stream my video in one go will it cause my server
to fall over ?

Any info you can give to get me started is appreciated,



Sat, 10 Apr 2004 18:51:21 GMT  
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