Problem deploying VB Activex used by IE 
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 Problem deploying VB Activex used by IE

            Hello !

I am having two major problems with deploying custom ActiveX controls
created in VB 6.0 and used in IE :

1. I was trying to use -1 as version information in CODEBASE tag of IE . As
far as I know this should tell IE to download new version every time it is
available.This doesn't really work well. I had to specify exact version
number to force client download latest version :

<OBJECT ID="ctlReports"

Does anybody know whether -1 should work correctly ?

<OBJECT ID="ctlReports"

2. Once I can force clients to download the latest version of the ActiveX I
encountered new problem.Every time new version is being downloaded IE is
asking client to reboot the system even if there is no UI changes.If we do
not reboot old version of the ActiveX is used.I have no idea how to prevent
client from rebooting.
This is really big issue to me.

            Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Sat, 14 May 2005 02:47:45 GMT  
 Problem deploying VB Activex used by IE
See if this helps.

2. Do not include the VB Runtime Components along with your ActiveX control.
Provide this as a download option which the users can download and install.

Best Regards,

Trevor Benedict R
Microsoft Certified Professional

Sat, 14 May 2005 17:22:24 GMT  
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