Hosting MSHTML without UI (WebBrowser) 
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 Hosting MSHTML without UI (WebBrowser)

Hi everybody!

I finally decide to post here as I have found no useful link in MSDN. If
someone could at least show me a link for a FAQ or somewhere where I can
find any information about this I would be very glad.

My application uses a WebBrowser control for allowing the end user to create
and edit his/her pages. This works fine (at least until now). What I'm also
trying to do is the following: I've designed a class where one of its
members would be a reference to a HTML document (I've tried IHTMLDocument-n
and HTMLDocument). I'm having problems trying to create an instance of a new
document. I always get the error "ActiveX can't create object" or something


Fri, 15 Oct 2004 12:09:24 GMT  
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