VB/ASP Web App - Do you need to use one of the scripting languages? 
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 VB/ASP Web App - Do you need to use one of the scripting languages?

Not sure what you are getting at... It's pretty hard to develop an
application without some language to instruct the CPU what to do... If you
are looking for a way to develop web applications in C++ or another language
then you should look at either ISAPI or .NET (C#). ASP is specifically
designed to execute VBScript or JScript applications. It is an extension to
IIS which can execute scripts in a number of other languages (PERL, Cold
Fusion, PHP, etc).

Hope that helps.


Michael B. Murdock
Starphire Technologies, LLC
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> Just wondering if it is possible to develop a VB/ASP web
> application without using either VBScript, Java Script,
> or JScript???

> If so, what are the implications of not using them?

Sat, 01 Jan 2005 22:56:01 GMT  
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