Application.Lock Problem with VB COM+ 
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 Application.Lock Problem with VB COM+

I am developing a VB COM+ object to be used by an ASP page.  One of the methods
of this object stores data in an application variable.  To make use of the
intrinsic ASP application object, I use the following code:

Dim objContext As COMSVCSLib.ObjectContext
Dim objApplication As ASPTypeLibrary.Application

Set objContext = GetObjectContext()
Set objApplication = objContext("Application")

objApplication("test") = "this is a test"

This works fine.  The problem is when I try to put a lock on the application
object during this operation like the following:

objApplication("test") = "this is a test"

When I do this, and run the ASP file, the browser is unable to bring up the ASP
file, and just spins its wheels until it times out.

Is there something I am not doing correctly?  My guess is that it has something
to do with the project and/or virtual directory settings that I am using.  The
component is apartment-threaded, and is set to run unattended and retained in
memory.  The virtual directory is set to run as a High (Isolated) process.

Any ideas?

Sat, 07 Jun 2003 22:18:17 GMT  
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