VB6 WebClass Designer Problem: "Unspecified Error Has Occured" 
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 VB6 WebClass Designer Problem: "Unspecified Error Has Occured"

                I keep getting this obscure and very annoying MsgBox error
when I try to Run or Compile my IIS application.

"Unspecified Error has Occurred". Period. Nothing more.. Just this {*filter*}y
Bland Message Box. It all started this morning when I discovered that I was
required to have Personal Web Peer Services Ver. 3.0 Installed,  which I
believe that I solved (Installed PWS and Run Windows NT SP5 to complete).

After I received this error, I re applied V-Studio SP3 for good measure..
Nothing doing !!

Now I am really at a loss because after spending the latter morning and a
good part of the afternoon going through MSDN and the Microsoft Knowledge
Base with nothing definitive I am quickly running out of options..

Has anybody out there come across this or have any ideas ? Perhaps I am
missing something Subtle ?

Any Suggestions welcome..



Sat, 10 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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