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 Error Loading DLL


I am having some difficulties running an application.  It is a VB Webclass
application with VB6 and SP5.

When I run with a full compile I get an error  "Error loading DLL" message.
The code that is hi-lited when this error occurs, is code like
session("...") or request("...").  What I have done to debug this is to take
every individual reference that  I use in the application and initiate and
create sample app with the reference.  This test was successful but did not
help me find the DLL that was causing difficulties.  Then I tried adding in
a mirror copy of all the references from the original app, and together they
all worked.  I even recreated the project and still unsuccessful.

The original app has been working up until now.  I have added another dll,
but that has been as straight forward as adding in any other dll.  I cannot
seem to understand why I am getting this error.  This has occured in the
past on our systems with other projects, however we have recreated the
project file and that seems to have made things work.

If you have any idea why this is happening, I would really appreciate your

If you have any ideas on how to track what dll is being loaded when, or to
find out the "crash address" or verbose debug info in a vb app, i would
really appreaciate it.



Mon, 27 Oct 2003 04:39:14 GMT  
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