problem to call fortran subroutine in VB 
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 problem to call fortran subroutine in VB

I am trying to call one fortran Subroutine from VB.

Here is the Fortran Subroutine:

    subroutine readInitCases_F()

     common /FILENAMES/ FNAMES

         DO 12 I = 1,5
             READ (89,*) FNAMES(I)
    12    CONTINUE
          CLOSE (89)


And I also made one wrapper for this Fortran Subtine:

    subroutine readDesignCases(index)
    !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT:: readdesigncases

    REAL,INTENT(OUT) :: index


    call  readDesignCases_F()
    index = real(NUMOFCASES)


And I called this wrapper in VB.


But the problem is when I debug, it's seems it didn't call this Fortran
Subroutine. But actually I called this subroutine in another VB program,
it's works. SO is there anybody can give me some advice?

Thanks a lot!

Wed, 20 Aug 2003 07:28:02 GMT  
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