Web app launching a legacy app 
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 Web app launching a legacy app

I am looking for articles or information on using a Web application to
invoke a VB client/server application to complete a transaction.
Essentially, it is a GIS application that would use the Web to allow the
user to select a location, then invoke the VB app to enter the particular
information about the location.  We need to manage the transaction, being
able to accomodate various workflows through the transaction, meaning what
if the user returns to the browser and changes the location.  How do we
communicate this to the VB client.  Do we need to use the WinSock control
and turn the VB client into a TCP server?  Will Web Services work?  We are
looking for a way to provide the user with a seamless interaction.  Any
ideas or suggested readings?



Sat, 13 Mar 2004 09:10:50 GMT  
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