IE/ActiveX Document -->MTS --> SQL 
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 IE/ActiveX Document -->MTS --> SQL


As we know there is two way you can do with VB in 3-tier
a) client/server :  client/EXE - >mts --SQL
b) brower:  IE/ActiveX Document -->IIS-->MTS --SQL

the (b) solution is better for the software delivery (no CD and
distribution), but it looks like I have to use the RDS and DataSpace object.
I am not sure how is the performance to support a lot of user.

so, this is my idea using (a) +(b)
IE/ActiveX document -->MTS--SQL
I assume the ActiveX document already installed on client-side machine.
use IE to host the front-end (activeX document) and call MTS directly. like
Snap-in, is snap-in using same stuff?, my quesition is solution (a), we must
install a component package(from MTS) on client computer and front end EXE,
how can we handle that?

appreciate any idea


Mon, 21 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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