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 Application architecture

I have a question about application architecture and would
appreciate some guidance from you. The present application
is based on Windows DNA using a web front end and ASP, VB
6, COM+ and SQL Server 2K. The original idea is to use
three servers, one for the web environment (ASP and COM+),
one server running scheduled jobs (application server) and
related logic (COM+) and one database cluster.

There are a few other applications in the environment and
the web server and database cluster should clear of any
scheduled jobs, however that might have to change. There
are now two issues:

1. The users, utilizing the web front end, will need to be
able to create and administer jobs. Job information (for
example which users that are going to be included in each
specific job) will be stored in the database. Where should
the jobs be scheduled and how? On the SQL Server or the
application server? I would prefer the application server.

2. If I would like to run COM+ business logic on the
application server from the ASP/COM+ environment on the
web server, how should be accomplished? Distributed COM?

Thanks in advance. Any comments are appreciated.

Sun, 31 Oct 2004 15:24:57 GMT  
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