Difficult Situation - maybe one for vba programmers 
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 Difficult Situation - maybe one for vba programmers

At the moment I have been asked by a client if I could build an Intranet for
them. They run Windows NT 4 (standard nothing interesting) obviously my
first choice for there Intranet is Internet Information Server 4.0. Now
thats he simple bit ... hey they dont even want me to use DNS or WINS so its
prety much a piece of cake.
Now for the hard part.. My client has asked if i could design something that
would allow users to add text and graphics to their home pages (these are
divided by grade as it is a school), now users are not allowed to be able to
delete existing contents of pages and also since this is from 4 to 12 year
olds the interface must be as simple as possible.
I was thinking of using Visual Basic script to open front page with whatever
page there on and bring up a menu saying text or graphic then depending on
their choice would open a insert text or graphic input screen .. also text
needs to be automatically put into web page format which i know front page
can already do and also graphics need to be converted to gif or jpg. Also i
would make file access password protected so students couldnt go deleting
pages, etc.
The problem is i really have no idea how to attack such a thing and if IIS
can handle such a thingg any ideas and feedback would be well appreciated...

-Troy Sullivan

Sun, 19 Oct 2003 09:24:23 GMT  
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