Small vb web project needed. Will pay money. 
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 Small vb web project needed. Will pay money.

  It's really simple. I would do it myself, but I don't have time to brush
up on my C++ or Visual Basic.

The product is a very small installation program. I'll give you all the
graphics and text.

If you visit my site - you'll see that I offer a
free trial. By filling out the form a script I have coded on my server
automatically sets you up
an account, then emails you the details. I want an installable program which
basically does the same as the HTML form does(calls the script on my

Here's how it would work:-

Filename such as aapfreetrial.exe
On execution a welcome window comes up with a little info about the company
and a link to the site.
If the link is clicked IE is opened, etc.
There is a button for 'Install Free Trial'.
If they select this button then they choose where on their HD to install the
software (only html docs are installed, the software is on my server), and
fill out the required fields (use the same fields as on
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ).
The program should check if there is an internet connection, and continue
only if connected.
Then the program :-
- Installs copies the programs usage guide html documents (I'll give you
these) onto their hd.
- Calls my server posting the signup data to my server.
- Displays the results from my server (tell me what format you want the
data). Currently just sending this in plain text.

That's it. Please send me a quote and a timeframe.


If you don't think this newsgroup is appropriate then please point me to a
better one.

Sun, 25 Dec 2005 08:26:19 GMT  
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