The attempt to connect to the server failed (35754) 
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 The attempt to connect to the server failed (35754)

We have developed a webclass to connect to a ftp site in order to transfer
files. To make this we used an ActiveX DLL that connects to the ftp site
We have done the instalations in several NT 4.0 servers and this works ok,
but we have problems in a server (apparently similar to the others)
connecting to the site, getting the following errors: 35754 or 12029.
This server can reach the ftp site, even if the webclass is running in
design mode it works ok, the problem only occurs in execution mode.

I havent found any information about it, so I would be very grateful if
anyone can help me.

The server is an NT 4.0 with service pack 6 installed.
The webclass and the ActiveX DLL were developed with VB 6.0 service pack 5.

Thanks in advance

Sun, 04 Apr 2004 01:19:23 GMT  
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