WebBrowser Control Deployment??? 
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 WebBrowser Control Deployment???

I am developing an application that must be deployed on a variety of
platforms (9x, nt).  I would like to use the WebBrowser Control within
the app, but before I go to far down that road I need to understand my
deployment pitfalls.  I need to be able to distribute my app over the
net, so installation size is a major issue.  At this point I figure
that including IE in the installation is out of the question and Im
afraid that some of my users will have problems as I have no control
over whether they have IE, Netscape of whatever...

Here are my questions, any help on one or all of them would be great:

1) - Is IE always installed as part of the windows install?  ie,  can
I expect all of my users to have IE installed on their computer?

2) - Just exactly what files will cover the WebBrowser Control's
dependency requirements? (I noticed the package and deployment wiz
does seem to add any files)

3) - Is including the WB Control in an app a dead end approach for
open ended customer base with no captive browser? Its not an
absolutely critical feature of my app, but it sure would be a nice

If anyone has experience distributing the WB Control, Id appreciate
and help you can give.  Thanks in advance.

Brian Nolan

Tue, 10 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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