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I have a question regarding ASP and winsock. I've made an standard VB
application to retrive some information from a remote server using Winsock.
I'm now want a component om my web page that sends a string to a remote
server, and then display the result on the webpage.
I'm not to familuar to webclass programming, only made a few smaller dll
files before this project =/.
Now I dont know how to get winsock in my project.
Sound simple, but is it?
One component "onLoad" in a asp page that sends a string to a remote server
and then displays the result from the remote sevrer, in html, using

This is the code I now have i VB6 (short sample):

Private WIthEvents objWinSock As MSWinsockLib.Winsock

Public Function WSKTest() As String
   Set objWinSock = New MSWinsockLib.Winsock
   WSKTest = "Done."
End Function

And a ASP File:
 Dim obj
 Set obj = Server.CreateObject("project.class")
 response.write obj.WSKTest()

In my webbrowser i get this response:

ActiveX component can't create object

Why cant my webserver create the winsock?


Mon, 27 Dec 2004 21:23:52 GMT  
 Winsock,VB & ASP
The Winsock cannot be used in an ASP page because it need a Container like a
VB form which can give it a Windows Handle on the other hand if you need the
response from the web server then this should be of help to you.

make sure you have the MSXMLl parser installed.

Best Regards,

Trevor Benedict R
Microsoft Certified Professional

Fri, 31 Dec 2004 16:05:00 GMT  
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