Visual Basic 6 + PHP (SOAP) ? 
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 Visual Basic 6 + PHP (SOAP) ?


First I have to say thank You for that perfect Forum!

Now to my problem:
I use Visual Basic 6 Professional.

I got the job to program a ticker. The ticker shows for
example the weather, some news and so on. The data for
the ticker are in a mysql-database which is online.
On the server is also a php-file which contains the
functions to connect to the database to get the
information for the ticker.
How can my program use these php-functions? I have to do
this with SOAP. For this I already downloaded and
installed the MS Soap Toolkit 2.0 SP2. But what do I have
to do now? I'm pretty good in Visual Basic 6 and php, but
not in SOAP, XML.  

I would be very happy if you can show me a very simple
example how to connect to a php-file to use its
functions. For example a php-function which say "hello
[parameter]". This "hello [parameter]" should be
displayed in a MsgBox in the vb-program.

Thank You very, very much!


Thu, 28 Jul 2005 21:27:08 GMT  
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