Size of web page in web browser object 
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 Size of web page in web browser object

I have to make changes to a program written in VB by our last web
programmer.  I'm new to VB so I'm not sure how to fix the problem I

The program uses a web browser object.  In this web browser object we
open a web page that fits the browers window perfectly.  However, if
you click on a link and it opens a web page that is larger than the
browser window and has to scroll, the scroll bar down arrow is
positioned below the bottom of the web browser window, where you can't
get to it, making it impossible to scroll down to the bottom of this
web page.

How do I fix this?  Is there any way to tell the web page that is
opening to have a specific height and width?  I know how to do this
using javascript with a *new* window, but I need to open this into the
same window that they were originally in.  I thought the web page
would adjust itself to the web page object, but apparently that is not
happening.  I don't know what other options I can adjust to make this
work properly.

Any ideas?

Thank you for any help you can give me!


Mon, 28 Jun 2004 04:05:38 GMT  
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