Adding a DHTML Designer 
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 Adding a DHTML Designer

This question was posted a few years ago and never answered. Can any
of you help with this? I am having the same problem. I am able to
start a new DHTML project, but unable to add another Page Designer.
The option is not listed on the Project menu. A new Page Designer is
required for every page in a DHTML project. Am I missing a component?
My query has exausted every search engine available to me
(MSKB http://www.*-*-*.com/
Google http://www.*-*-*.com/ %22add+dhtml+page%22 ,
metacrawler, dogpile, and each that they include). Any help is much

Subject: Adding a DHTML Designer
Date: 2000/06/08

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I am beginning development of a DHTML Application
using VB6(SP3). In the MSDN topic "Beginning Your
DHTML Application Project", I read "To add
additional DHTML pages to your project - On the
Project menu, click Add DHTML Page...". However,
when I start a DHTML project, I do not have that
option on the Project menu. What gives?


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