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 Webclasses help

Sorry for all the posts everybody, but I'm a newbie at this webclass thing
and there are some holes in the docs.
The docs say that when you compile your IIS application, VB creates an .asp
file that hosts the Webclass through the .dll that it creates. So VB creates
this .asp file like:


If (VarType(Application("~WC~WebClassManager")) = 0) Then
 If (VarType(Application("~WC~WebClassManager")) = 0) Then
  Set Application("~WC~WebClassManager") =
 End If
End If

"CurrentTaxesWeb.CTaxesWC", _
  Server, _
  Application, _
  Session, _
  Request, _

If I create an object in this .asp file, is there a way to access it from my
VB Webclass?

Any help is much appreciated.

Steve Long

Mon, 05 Apr 2004 00:47:41 GMT  
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