ActiveX Document Confusions 
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 ActiveX Document Confusions

Have been doing some reading about AX Documents, and have run into a few
confusions, can anyone help me?

When I run my project, which includes numerous AX documents, VB6 generates
temporary *.vbd files for each .dob file in my project.
These temporary *.vbd files are created inside my C:\Program Files\Microsoft
Visual Basic\VB98 folder.

I am using the following syntax in my project to navigate between documents:
    Userdocument.Hyperlink.NavigateTo   App.Path &   "/AnotherDoc.vbd"

In order to have my links work, I'm finding I'm having to place all my
project files inside the \VB98 folder, instead of inside a subfolder where
I'd prefer. Is this the normal method for development of AX projects???
Seems awfully restrictive to me. Is there any way inside VB6 to configure
temporary *.vbd files to be located elsewhere on the drive, like inside the
current projects folder where they should be??

Thanks Much!
Owen Schwer

Thu, 19 Aug 2004 07:23:11 GMT  
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