ActiveX control/ Web browser application 
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 ActiveX control/ Web browser application

Hi everyone,

     I have just been tossed a project of some ergency and I am embarrased
to say that I am pretty clueless on a few aspects.

    I need to make an IE plugin/Application that works almost identical to
Adobe's Acrobat reader plugin. The application needs to install like a
normal application. The app will need to assoiciate a file type to my
activex control and run in IE as the container.

  I have no problem creating a simple control that loads from a web page.
But creating an activex control that always loads in IE that is triggered by
a file type is a little different.

Can anyone point me to some good solid information, examples etc.. that show
how to create such an application?

Really need a jump start on this one! Help!


Sat, 23 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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