Shell function in VB6 COM not working in ASP after installing .Net 
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 Shell function in VB6 COM not working in ASP after installing .Net

I have a COM for an ASP application that seems to have
been broken by installing the .Net framework.

The COM is a dll produced with VB5.  It uses the shell
function to invoke an exe file.  The exe file then
transforms data files.  This was previously working fine.

It has failed apparently since the installation of
the .Net framework on the development and host machines.
Neither the dll nor the exe file had been altered in this

Have recompiled the dll in VB6 with the same result.  When
the shell function is invoked it returns an error code 5,
which appears to be "Invalid Procedure Call".

If I compile the VB code as a freestanding exe and run on
its own (ie without being called by ASP), it successfull
invokes the exe file and transforms the data files.

This suggests that rights applying when running ASP have
changed in some way.  The obvious question is whether
security permissions have changed for the Internet Guest
Account or Launch IIS Process Account.  They have
read/write access on the data directories and execute
access on the directory containing the dll and exe files.

So the question is whether .Net Framework has imposed some
other restriction on the invoking of the shell function in
a dll running under ASP (ie not under ASP.NET).

Appreciate any advice or suggestions.

Mon, 06 Dec 2004 12:28:53 GMT  
 Shell function in VB6 COM not working in ASP after installing .Net

> It uses the shell  function to invoke an exe file

I have one of those too, and I have never been able to get it to
work with a "guest" user entity or an IUSER_MyMachineName entity.
I have needed to create a more powerful user then go into the
web app property pages and set it up to run as that user.

Regards, John

Mon, 06 Dec 2004 18:55:55 GMT  
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