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 Inet help

I am actually using Inet for the first time.
It is great but I have a little problem.
Here's a piece of my code

Public GetData As String

Public Sub Inet1_StateChanged(ByVal State As Integer)
    'Public exitflag As Boolean
   'Dim GetData As String
    Dim ResultCodePos As Integer, resultcode As String
    Select Case State
        Case icResponseCompleted
            GetData = Inet1.GetChunk(2048, icString)
End sub
Public Sub login_Click()
msgbox getdata

The value of the getdata cann't be available for any other
procedures within the same form although the getdata
variable is declared as public , the  inet_state_chage sub
is declared as public and the other sub where I am trying
to get the value of the getdata is also public.
That means the msgbox function in the above code returns
an empty msgbox.

How can I overcome this problem.

Thanx a lot for your support

Sat, 14 May 2005 07:23:54 GMT  
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