How to develope an Intranet Application using Vb6.0 
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 How to develope an Intranet Application using Vb6.0

Dear All,

Can anyone helpe on this subject ?

I'm using VB and SQL 2k. Now I want to develope an applicaion which
whould be accesible for our staff via our Intranet. The application I
have to develope is a samml program which is basically to print the
invoices. I will have only 2 tables.

But, I don't know where to start. I neve done any Web/or Intranet
application so far. I know that we an IIS server. Please advise what are
the tools require for this and where to install the tables and programs.
I will use SQL 2k as backend databse and it will be server side

Appreciat any of your help on this... As the matter is urgent kindly
help me at the earliest...

many thanks in advance...


Ahmed Jewahar

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Thu, 19 Aug 2004 23:44:14 GMT  
 How to develope an Intranet Application using Vb6.0
That's a big question for such a little space and there is no way to
give an absolute answer.  When I get acked questions like that in
person, I usually probe to find out exactly what their environment is
and what they expect to do in the fiture.  At a minimum.

Still,  the two most likely choices are:

1. Develop a couple of web pages in ASP that perform the same
functionality as the VB application.  The business rule processing could
still take place in VB components.

2. Convert your VB application to a DLL and build a .CAB file for it.
Develop a web page that inserts the DLL using the <OBJECT> tag and
launches your application when the page is loaded.

That should give you an idea of where to look next.

Bruce Johnson
TAG Consulting

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Fri, 20 Aug 2004 00:56:07 GMT  
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