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 Cookies - VB Reading Cookies Created by JavaScript

I believe I have a fairly simple question, but so far I
have not found anything that addresses it either on MSDN
or the net..  It may simply be a problem on my part in not
asking the "right" question.

I want to read a cookie that is created by JavaScript,
utilizing the WININET.DLL api.  I have a small test app
that does read a cookie by JavaScript.

We are building an application to take data from the
cookie and then feed it into another on-line (telnet

JavaScript has two functions ESCAPE and UNESCAPE that
convert special characters to what appears to be

I have not found a similar "built-in" function nor sample
or snippet for VB.

Is there such a thing?  A VB ESCAPE / UNESCAPE or snippet
that I could model after or is it non-existant.

Would appreciate your comments.


Doug Cranston

Mon, 22 Nov 2004 04:25:27 GMT  
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