Problems using Winsock?? 
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 Problems using Winsock??

Hello All

Before I start if this is in the wrong group then IM sorry.

I writing a project for work which does the following.
1)Client App Sends a broadcast message using the UDP Protocol which the
Server App responds to.
    The reason for this is so the client App can get the IP address of the
Server App.
2)The Client App then opens a TCP Connection to the Server App.
3)The Server App then asks the Client App to login using MD5 Challenge and
4)Once logged in the client then requests the complete db recordset on the
Server App.
5)Then the Client App can then add and remove db records on the Server App

It all worked when I was using the UDP Protocol to communicate to each
BUT This didn't sort of work properly for multiple clients.
So I then decided to only use the UDP protocol to send Broadcast messages on
the LAN to retrieve the Server Apps IP.
And to use TCP to talk to each other.
i.e.  Login and Logout, Connect to a database on another machine using the
Server App.

The reason I need to retrieve the Server Apps IP is because it can then be
run on any machine with or without static IP's

Right this is where IM having problems.
Every now and then when my Client App exits it doesn't seem to close the
socket, And it says the following:
Run-time error '10048':

Address in use

Why is this?
It doesn't seem to do it in VC++.

So if anyone can help me please reply.

Thanks in advance.
Paul Kirby

Webmaster of http://www.*-*-*.com/

Thu, 13 May 2004 17:41:52 GMT  
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