WebBrowser NewWindow2 problem 
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 WebBrowser NewWindow2 problem

Hi, I am making an aplication in VB 6.0 where I have used
the webbrowser control. I am using the NewWindow2 event to
open a new window in my browser. It works. But in one case
I had a problem. I visited a page where you click on sign-
in and a separate window pops up for username and password
(so far so good.) After you enter the information and hit
submit I get an error message: 'top.frames.0 is null or
not an object'. (there is no problem in this webpage,'cos
it works in regular IE).
But for other webpages which has popup window for username
and password my program works.
Any suggestion.

Portion of the code is given below. The web address is
also there. When you go there, if you click sign in on the
top left and just hit "sign in" on the pop up page without
entering any info you will still see the runtime error

Private Sub Form_Load()
WebBrowser1.Navigate " http://www.*-*-*.com/
End Sub

Private Sub WebBrowser1_NewWindow2(ppDisp As Object,
Cancel As Boolean)
    Dim retval As Long  ' return value
    'On Error Resume Next
    Set Form2 = New Form1
    Form2.WebBrowser1.RegisterAsBrowser = True

    Set ppDisp = Form2.WebBrowser1.Object
    Form2.Visible = True
    Form2.Caption = "Popup"

End Sub

Tue, 28 Dec 2004 04:00:56 GMT  
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