Sending a file via Internet Transfer Control 
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 Sending a file via Internet Transfer Control

I'm trying to send a file to IIS via the Internet Transfer Control.  I
thought I could do:

    With Inet1
        .Protocol = icHTTP
        .URL = szURL
        .RequestTimeout = 10
        .Execute , "PUT", szFile2Send
    End With

I've been playing with different settings but at best can only get the
contents of the szFile2Send string into a file if I specify a file name as
part of the URL.  I'm trying to allow users to select some files, load them
into a ListView then upload them one at a time when they click on a
"Transfer" button.  I just cannot get it to send the actual files (it is not
a security issue).

Am I missing something?  [other than a good nights sleep, that is :-) ]



Sat, 12 Nov 2005 14:38:23 GMT  
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