memory leak in VB code 
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 memory leak in VB code

Hi, Experts,

Please help a VB newbie out.  

The user of our COM object (written in VB6.5) complains about the
object keeps handle open after each request (No CloseKey after OpenKey
and QueryValue).

before the end of function or sub, I always remember to set object or
referenced object to nothing, where does the leak come from? How can I
fix it?
Below is part of the code:
Public Function gloWriteRead(inMsg As String, outMsg As String) As
    On Error GoTo errorHandler

    Dim e As New imUtility
    Dim msg As String

    Dim HTTPserver As ServerXMLHTTP
    Dim url As String
    Dim connectBackup As Boolean

    Set HTTPserver = New ServerXMLHTTP

    gloWriteRead = False
    Set HTTPserver = Nothing
    Set e = Nothing
    Exit Function
  End If
 End If something

gloWriteRead = True

    Set HTTPserver = Nothing
    Set e = Nothing
    Exit Function


    If (Err.Number <> 0) Then

        ... do something

    Set HTTPserver = Nothing
    Set e = Nothing

End Function

Please help, thanks.


Sun, 08 May 2005 06:19:30 GMT  
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