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 WebBrowser Draw Speed

I have a kiosk app written in VB 6 that is built around local HTML files. So
I have a WebBrowser control in my form which I resize to take up the entire
form. I load the base URL and away it goes. The navigation is all in the
HTML and the VB application acts as a "Nanny." The VB "Nanny" application
handles printing and logging and some other things.

This works fine, EXCEPT that Internet Explorer takes MUCH longer to draw the
page in the VB form than if I just open the html page from IE directly. I
mean there is a black flash when the page's black background is drawn, then
the rest of the page draws and it looks bad. If IE is opened on its own and
the pages navigated that way the redraw is so fast that I can't ever see the
black background before the page elements are drawn over it. (The page
elements are full-screen JPEG's). Within IE itself it's just boom boom boom.

What causes this and is there a way to stop it or speed it up? As I said, if
I open the pages from IE this problem doesn't exist so I know that IE can
draw the pages fast enough and the video card in the unit is up to the task.

I need the control of having the VB app use the browser object within the
form. I can't just set up the browser and run that. I have tried Internet
Explorer 5 and 5.5 and they both perform the same in this regard.

Thanks for any and all help


Sun, 17 Aug 2003 06:09:36 GMT  
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