wscript cant find .vbs file from NT logon batch 
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 wscript cant find .vbs file from NT logon batch

wscript cant find .vbs file from NT logon batchI think it's because the Z: drive gets removed when your batch file exits (right after the wscript line). By the time wscript is active and loading your script, the Z: drive is gone.
Try using: call wscript \\ server\netlogon\gitlogin.vbs

  We have a few w98 machines which will not find the .vbs file whem called from an nt logon batch file. Wscript returns an error that the .vbs file is not found even though the file seems to be available.

  If the user continues to logon to windows, loggs off and re-logs in a second time, wscript usually finds the file second time.

  Help would be appreciated.

  Below is the last lines of the nt command batch
  Note: the .vbs file is seen to exist by the batch even though wscript reports the error.......

  REM this is a test to see if w95 will authenticate
  echo looping w9x
  dir z:\gitlogin.vbs
  if not exist z:\gitlogin.vbs goto W9X
  call wscript z:\gitlogin.vbs

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