MapNetworkDrive with an empty password? 
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 MapNetworkDrive with an empty password?

\lanmanserver\parameters \NullSessionShares

could be setup on each workstation to allow non-authenticated shares

More info on request or via Resource Kit

Any use?

> That's another option that works, but that kind of defeats the purpose of
> "guest" account. If the guest account has a password, then guests will
> to know it before being allowed access...

> Oh well, I guess I'll just set up a particular user account for this
> specific type of peer access that I need and call it good.

> Thanks everyone - this would be a good one for the Windows Wish List...

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> > It looks like we need to set a generic password for the guest account on
> > every machine, and set it to not expire and the user cannot change it.
> > Then, set this password in the script.  Would this be an option, or am I
> > way off here?

Sat, 01 May 2004 16:37:16 GMT  
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