Netbios vs. DNS with WMI!!! gave me hell! 
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 Netbios vs. DNS with WMI!!! gave me hell!

For the past 2 weeks, I have been trying to run a program in a training room
of 13 computers. I have been using WMI to run an O2k RK tool that resets all
of the office settings to a preconfigured settings.

I have been testing with one computer (since they are all identical
<literally> I didn't think this would be an issue...) It turns out that
while the computer has the correct IP address and NetBios name, the DNS
entry I found was incorrect! After two weeks of trying everything I can
think of I have come to the determiniation that WMI, MUST use DNS for it's
computer resolution when you try to run programs on remote machines.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?
(Turns out that the exact same code works on all the other computers!!)

What I have learned from this:
Never Assume, because...
Always use multiple computers fro testing (even if they all use identicall
hardware, have the EXACT same software the same user is logged on and the
temperature/humidity is precisly the same!)
I must rool over to a 2000 environment soon and get rid of WINS!
and finally:
Remember that some machine (DNS server) 3+ blocks away could be screwing up
my install of notepad!

"I'm Ed and this is James, Thank you for your support"

Tue, 28 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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