nt 4.0 global groups 
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 nt 4.0 global groups

i'm trying to migrate/rewrite some of my shell scripts to .VBS for
obvious reasons and to get some experience w/ WSH and VBS

anyone know the difference between nt40 global and local groups in the
ADSI syntax?

how about modifying user properties? specifically this chunk of code
(i'm trying to create users drawing from XL SS).

  u = oXL.activecell.Value  
  Set UserObj = DomainObj.Create("user", u)
      UserObj.Put "FullName", oXL.activecell.offset(0, 1).Value
      UserObj.Put "New Description", oXL.activecell.offset(0, 3).Value
      UserObj.Put "newpassword", oXL.activecell.offset(0, 4).Value
      UserObj.Put "PasswordExpired", Never

i got some of this from Clarence W.'s web site, but i'm not sure about
the last four lines

i have checked the ADSI help file it seems to reference only nt5/nt2000


Sun, 04 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 nt 4.0 global groups
Here is a code sniplet I used in Access, should port though.

Sub CreateGroup(strADSPath As String)
Dim oDomain As Object
Dim oUser As Object
Set oDomain = GetObject(strADSPath)
Set oUser = oDomain.Create("LocalGroup", "Test-Local")
oUser.Description = "Test LocalGroup"
Set oUser = oDomain.Create("GlobalGroup", "Test-Global")
oUser.Description = "Test GlobalGroup"

Set oDomain = Nothing
Set oUser = Nothing

End Sub

This creates a global and a local in either a domain or a local machine,
depending on your strADSPath.
(IE "WinNT://Domain")

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