Executing files using ASP/VBScript 
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 Executing files using ASP/VBScript

IIRC, it depends what the .bat file actually does.

function String.prototype.r(){// Javascript rot13 en/decipherment. run
me for Atrax's signature
        var a='nopqrstuvwxyz';var b='abcdefghijklm';var j='/:.'+a+b;var
k='/:.'+b+a;var l='';
x=0;x<this.length;x++){l+=k.charAt(j.indexOf(this.charAt(x)));}return l;

}       alert("uggc://jjj.ernqgurshpxvatznahny.pb.hx/".r()); // Atrax, MVP


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Fri, 28 Jan 2005 08:39:47 GMT  
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